Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Broken Money

Money woes (line 6), as explored in art for RounHeah' A Novel Comic © Copyright 2011

"Toxicity is the degree to which a substance can damage an organism."

The substance being in this case the so called "ideal" value of money, which has increased tenfold given the growth of intellectual and virtual property. Whereas the organism relates to..well, the human organism as it stands. Both, wholly.

Although the ramifications of monetary downfall come later in the series, the initial onset of woes due to can be seen scrawled graffiti style across the landscape in some of the art created for the series. Also, I've modified religious, social, sexual and other symbols to reflect a somewhat ontological movements and adjustments, which too are inscribed in vandal form upon structures as a sign of anarchic, progressive and destructive developments.

View original artwork here


Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Making of a Moniker...that which befits a King

It dawned upon me that I'd possibly yet to divulge as to what lead to the development of the characters names in RounHeah'. While all names are some derivative of sorts referencing their native lands including a prideful nod to African-American naming practices, the overuling contribution is that of the Roar!

Case in point.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Coming Soon! Book Two

After Morawk, the King of Kings, telling of what was discovered in The Cavern in Jordhan, the others dispersed slowly, their large maned heads heavy, and hung low. Until now, it never called upon them to ponder much about their being. Existentialism was far off, see, there-over the mountain. In fact, their life was so obviously immediate that it, life itself, was the only true ruling fact above all others. Most thought was delegated to ensuring ones lineage and protecting his pride and territory. Otherwise, all other acts of brooding went into eating...and mating.

But alas, these thoughts too were soon to be pushed aside as news of the bigeyed made its way throughout their still growing brains. From the temporal lobe it went, ricocheting off the frontal, boing-boing throughout the cerebral until boom - impact!

Book Two, of RounHeah' A Novel Comic is on its way. Stay tuned too find out just what becomes of WanSiHa, Zenisan, Ruak, DeLonte and Morawk-Marawk-MOROC!, The King of Kings in the next installment.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Cavern in Jordhan

As he said this, his face became blanketed with sincerity. He moved into the next topic with a measure of caution. It was to be a doozy.

“I’m talkin bout, how we gon move our shit forward but not dangerously so..how we gon get a system that works for…for most, cuz it ain’t gon work for everyone…

...and lastly, but most importantly, I’m talkin bout how we gon not perish by being mountain heads and being so bigeyed indifferent, caught up in our own land and time that it, the land and time, dissipates with little care and concern and we get swallowed wit-out knowing we going down until its too late...

That’s whut I’m talking bout, cuz dats what I know for fact…

-Excerpt from RounHeah' A Novel Comic, Chapter 6 Meeting Brief, © Copyright 2011

(In light of the unfortunate happenings in Syria and those of Syrian peoples and the flight of some to Jordan, I mean no disrespect. This excerpt taken from my novel was written the year prior.) 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Young ones..youngins..jits..they all step up and out

Lions, being the only social cats must endure the fate that all living things do, as it is due. Here, a young one, or sub adult, after what my people would refer to as "smelling yourself", after identifying with his own evolution, the jit belts out a cognizant roar. The elders look on with approval bearing in mind that it also serves as a threat to their own sovereignty. The other "bra-cats", the cubs, ogle the gesture, ingesting the lesson. The guttural sermon is one that they too shall have to deliver some day.

Jit Demarcation: The Proclamation of Readiness..possible pitfalls and progression hereafter..
Acrylic, Oil, Dri-Fast Stain, Marker, on Masonite
35.75 x 9.75 in

This was more likely the precursor to WanSiHa's pushout...something that he ponders on his walkabout.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tribe of Zenisan

While the story of Zenisan picks up at a much, much later time in the novel, some details of his pride's preceeding difficulties can be found in the current news.

More of Zenisan's profile here

Friday, April 13, 2012

Pee Politics and Olfactory Communication

...sometimes when watching my cat Kinjal go about her usual feline antics, I go on a lil' reverie, speculating on her actions and what seems to be a most sincere purpose in acting them out. It appears ceremonial. The kneading, the scratching, and the throwing of her lil' butt upon the chair that I'm sitting, or better yet - me.
This type of fantasy was a further contributing factor to the RounHeah' story. That is, the contrasts of human and animal, or more specifically leo panthera, activity was further reflected here in my mind as well.

Scent marking...territorial claim...graffiti...and tagging all came to mind. Better yet, the acts that were most familiar to me by way of PBS's Nature series, or house pets and friends, as a conglomerate they all held that common thread.


Webster, Oxford, Britannica, and the like all define demarcation and graffiti separately, and rightfully so, but wholly it is: to mark...the act of establishing limits or boundaries...communication...

 And so, in the sense of my story, these verbs, nouns, and transitive verbs all serve the more natural, intrinsic purpose - a case of staking one's own individualism, its also power seeking and proprietorial behavior. Without going into specifics, I'm more so inferring that such territorial acts are obviously radical and political.

How crude is pissing on a wall, or scrawling your name or some declarative statement on property without permission. On the other hand, just how just is it. And yet in still, how so very proper it is? In short, the division of land, who and how someone is deemed the "rightful property holder" of said land, further onto the possession and repossession of it...these were thoughts of consideration in constructing a story about the contrasts and complications that seemed comparable between the human and animal kingdom.

"..I claim this as mine..yeah, this heah, this is my space..my land!"
(Complete essay, Pee Politics and Olfactory Communication: Demarcation and The Male Ego, can be found on Kline Opine's blog as of August, 2012.)

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Beginning

First and foremost I like to draw, always have. As far back as I can remember its pretty much how I reacted to life around me. (Reader eye rolls.) When I think back to some of my earliest memories of drawing they were of males and the "box" haircut of the time.

I find it rather interesting if I juxtapose this with my art intentions and practice today. While it could be a bit of a stretch to say that I was "documenting", its not so dramatic to say that I was aware of my environment and drawing was a response to this stimuli. They were unforced, void of ambition and for the most part, genuinely innocent. They remained this way for some time, and peaked, or so I thought. So, I tried graphic design, which worked and didn't at the same time, and eventually went on to painting. "Its a natural progression," I thought. This was a success for the most part as all my art today begins with a quick illustration. Although, there were times when I felt I should return to what was a more relaxed practice. And so, the story of RounHeah is exactly this re/pro-gression.

I've always been infatuated with lions and have the same sense of awe with my own culture. Its also possible that I am just as bewildered by politics, relatively speaking. Furthermore, it is my belief that any visual association(s) with each of these entities is constantly re-enforced by their actions, which are referenced against perceived motivating factors for them. Whether they're right or wrong. (A painting I completed recently makes reference to such misconceptions. You can view it here.)

As mentioned, I've consistently tried to play with these ideas within my work. Those that I've come to think exist as a shared collective of visual associations related to cultural sociology and ideas of power. So, it could be called poetic, but really-its the most concise of terms, that upon hearing a song, a rap song, that I thought of the exploring these ideas, using the pride structure of lions as the foundation. By drawing anthropomorphic lions that appear somewhat as African-American (with rap culture signifier's) and juxtaposing the pride structure with that of politics because of the male majority and its power complexities, I felt that I could scrutinize it all further. *A note about hair, power and black culture: its common knowledge that hair has held a significant share of identity related issues in black culture. Though, I won't go into detail here, I took proper note of this as I integrated the Rastafarian statement made with hair into account and construct of the story and characters.

The above images should not to be taken into a specific hierarchical account in regards the creation and story of RounHeah'. They only serve to reference, loosely, the collection of the parts.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Birth After Death...

This project was meant to provide myself with a creative outlet to explore the topics and questions that I attempt to address often enough in my paintings and found object scupltures. Ideologies that exist within and around the phenomenom that is black culture, more specifically, African-American culture and its youth. Also, this is combined with considerations and ideas that implicitly compound African-American's and our reflections upon power, both inherited and those woefully sought after or vehemently fought against as exhibited more visually than comprehensively. The final component would be the political dynamics that co-exist and reside within both of these entities.

Where do lions fit among all of this? Well, they exist wholly as the visual congregate so to speak of the aforementioned bodies. Power, Ego, and Politics are again blanketed by a system comprised of the MALE dynamic. This bought forth in me ideas and similarities that exist somewhat in the animal kingdom, but more specifically in regards to my story - the heirarchy of the pride structure. (Yes, this is a loaded gun, with ammunition to spare for which I will exhaust the weapon and empty the clip.)

I am in this instance and throughout my story, attempting to explore, investigate and expose some of benefits and fallacies of such a system. But, lastly, and just as importantly, the story comes to fore after the death of humans. The reason for this is that life on earth as we know it seems to progressively inch towards an existence in which we as people may not exist in it. In many a essay and/or modes of thought, the increase of our dependency and reliance upon the more artificial and industrial of aspirations, will inevitably lead to a more defined decline of respect and appreciation or, overall desensitized identification the natural environment. Thus, my story does indeed imply that if this were to be the case...well, in a fantastical comic book-like sorta way.

I haven't the proper grasp of it all and thought to approach this as simply and comfortably as possible, employing all of my faculties to create something that would inform as well as entertain. For me and any reader or viewer who may find it intriguing.
And so, below is the above in outline form...

Politics, because...
  • Politically, males have maintained the majority of seats and thus power.
  • Thus, the reference of, "the ol' boys club"
  • Finally, the bravado and sense of ego that comes along or possibly inherent in this power.
Urban youth, because...
  • Ego
  • Stylish flair, due to or product of ideas/ambition/represention of power, self perceived or actual
  • Power: heirarchy
**African-american males have, in this instance and often enough, a severe sense of political
ambitions under the guise power.

Lions, because..
  • Lions captivate, their whole visual prowess is frightenly overwhelmingly, awe inspiring
  • Exude strength
  • Regality

All of these entities have a common thread that presents itself by a most motivating hair-like of..
  • Awe
  • Power
  • Visual recognition
  • Male
The coolness of a "cat" insinuates a confidence but belies its uncertainty although a sense of power and control is read through its actions.

A goal, one of few in regards to this project, is to better understand these mechanics which will be probably be an exhausting effort...

Thank you for your interest.

Friday, December 2, 2011


Lit: "Roar of the King"

King of Lisbon

Pride of Ge'er

King of Kings

The average cat, already equipped with claws and calm, can react just enough and alter the situation to its adavantage. And while the old saying goes that, 'a cat has nine lives', I'm beginning to think that has jack to do with its willingness to give any of them up. Maybe the King of Kings doesn't either. I also don't believe this will at all interfere with his aims of  making things just and proper for all his peoples.

"That don't concern me one bit buddy...but what does is, if we'on handle dis shit heah...if we don't tighten up n'get sum structure, sum order then what?..
"The point ain't just to run roun' roarin, we gotta have some checks and balances!
You feel me?"